Welcome to Sun Rays Salon!

Sun Rays Tanning specializes in a full service tanning experience. With 3 levels of beds, a Versa spray tan booth, teeth whitening, and essential oils we are ready to give you an amazing tanning ecperience! We have added Big Red, a high pressure bed to give you that deep brown color. The HEX is our new stand up bed and we added the Versa Spray tan booth to round out the beds. We have also added a professional teeth whitening station and essential oils.

Holly and Mathilde would like to introduce Amy to the Sun Ray's family! Amy has a passion for tanning that is infectious and positive. She has many years of tanning experience and loves to give clients the best possible tanning experience. She listens to clients and gives them the best lotion and beds to fit thier tanning needs.   



Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 9AM - 8PM
Saturday:           9AM - 4PM
Sunday:             Closed