Salon winds manufacturers' awards

Rockford Squire March 7, 1996

Chris Ackerman's healthy glow comes from more than just her tan, it comes with knowing her salon has been named a "Premier Tanning Salon" by Wolff Systems and Sun for Life.

Ackerman's business, Sun-Rays Tanning Salon, 400 East Division in Rockford Center, won the awards for their "commitment to smart tanning and individualized care and service" to customers.

Sun-Rays features retail lotions by California Tan Heliotherapy and Body Drench, the two top manufacturers of indoor, outdoor, and personal care tanning products.

Sun-Rays also features eight tanning beds ranging from the gold series models for tanning up to 20 minutes, the platinum series for tanning up to 10 minutes and the latest high tech addition to the salon, Cyber-Dome. The Cyber-Dome system tanning bed utilizes 52 bulbs with three separate types of high performance, low pressure lamps.

For more information about prices and specials, call Sun-Rays at 866-3432. Sun-Rays is open seven days a week during their busy season, January through June, and Ackerman recommends you call for an appointment. Sun-Rays is closed Sundays when business slows down during the months of June thru December.

Sun-Rays has been providing customers with responsible tanning serves since 1987.