Build your base tan before you leave

The Rockford Squire January 30 1992

I never dreamed while signing up for a "Caribbean Vacation" drawing that I would be lucky enough to be picked.

To my surprise and unbelievable excitement we received a registered letter stating that my husband and I were going to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for two glorious weeks.

My first thought was how so many burn going south with white skin and I'd heard from our friends who have gotten their base tan before their trips about Sun-Rays Tanning Salon. Neither of us have ever tanned indoors before and because of all the positive comments, I ventured a call to Sun-Rays.

I was so appreciative of all the information they gave me over the phone that I scheduled our whole base tan sessions right then and there. But the real surprise was when we went in for the first time. The cleanliness, friendliness and great atmosphere were more than we expected. We were actually taken in our prospective rooms and given directions and information to put us at ease and help achieve our all over tan.

My experience at Sun-Rays has changed me from skeptical to thankful for their knowledge and individual attention we received each time we went in.

Now we're all packed and ready to go. We each look like traveling is something we do once a month; who's to know we have our very own "Sun-Rays" back home.