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SunRays Salon Red Light Therapy Bed

It took me several months of researching Red Light Therapy before I concluded it's not too good to be true. I actually purchased the equipment and installed it right here at Sun Rays Salon back in July of 2010. This would give me time to use the equipment myself as well as conduct my own study with some hand selected customers who had specific areas of concern that Red Light Therapy addresses. After all this research I'm excited to tell you that I'm convinced!

Red Light Therapy is a healing strategy both above and below the skin. Using infrared technology it stimulates some of the body's defense systems and brings relief from various ailments. Originally used by NASA astronauts to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Red Light Therapy has been shown to have a myriad of uses. Red Light Therapy can assist in healing processes, activation of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate in the muscle tissues and generally releasing more energy into the body. Discoveries continue to occur regularly with new uses and benefits being found all the time.

Sun Rays Salon Red Light Therapy system offers coverage from head to toe for maximum results. Contact us today for any and all questions you may have regarding your own special needs.

Red Light Therapy Lotions and Enhancers

  1. Micro Mist Therapy Spray. This spray prepares your skin and PH balance for the best possible absorption of Red Light Therapy Price $20
  2. Face and Neck Serum. Applied after your session to support and stimulate cell energy for the utmost vitality. Price $22
  3. RedLight-ST From the Neck Down. Another post therapy lotion to protect the Collagen and Elastin fibers in your cells from free radical scavengers. Also includes micro technology to assist in the reduction of cellulite. Price $26

Sun Rays offers all 3 steps in a Red Light Therapy package for rock bottom price of $60. You get:

  • Goggles
  • The Micro Mist Therapy Spray
  • The Face and Neck Serum
  • RedLight-ST

That is a savings of $11!

Red Light Therapy Reviews

"When I heard about you bringing red light therapy to Rockford I was so excited. I have been looking and trying different products for those sun wrinkles, spots and other skin issues. I needed to use more than one product, each of them aiming at a specific problem area. This taking too long to see results if any and they do not last. Trying the red light therapy at Sun Rays for only 4 weeks and I have noticed a huge change in the look and feel of my skin. Not only did my original issues slowly fade, but the softness and texture changed as well. Bonuses included the enhancing of my tan and my hair as well as adding fullness and luster. Thank you again Chris, for bringing something so simple and affordable for those of us looking for an all in one treatment." ~ Pam

"I have tanned for years and found that my psoriasis cleared up with tanning. when I developed a rash with scaling redness and severe itching on the tops of both feet and up to my ankles that did not improve with prescriptions and antibiotic ointment I decided to try tanning when I went in to set up an appointment. The staff suggested that I try red light therapy. within three weeks of 15 min. three times a week my rash was 60% improved. After three more weeks the rash is 98% gone. I have also noticed that my skin seems softer and smoother." ~ Judy M.

"Thank you Chris for bringing red light therapy to sun rays salon. I did 20 min. three times a week for six weeks. I found no more achey knees a benefit almost right away - without knee injections. I am a type II diabetic, cold cold feet at night were keeping me awake longer waiting for them to warm up. Red light therapy helps circulation so two problems were solved! At my age stretch marks disappearing is more bonus. My skin is healthier, looks healthier and continues to get compliments. anyone who knows Chris is confident of her decisions. Yes I do work for her and proudly enjoy her unwavering work ethic, convenient location, excellent pricing and and her knowledgeable staff." ~ Ruth

"I experience outbreaks of mild to severe psoriasis on my arms and back these outbreaks have left some nasty scars on my body, red light therapy has reduced the frequency and severity of these outbreaks as well as almost totally eliminating many of the old previous scars. I take medication that is photosensitive to UV rays, red light therapy is not UV and has not caused any adverse negative effects or reactions while helping me control these physical conditions. Red light therapy does not burn my skin." ~ William G

"I have been enjoying Red Light Therapy for about 5 months and I'm very pleased with what I have experienced. As an aging Baby-Boomer, I was beginning to show my age with "spots". Many have faded completely and the rest are well on their way. I love Michigan and the seasons here. But, a reason to dread late winter is how dry it makes my skin. Not this year. My skin is much more flexible and fresh this year. I have had a couple very minor surgeries the last 5 months; all the incisions healed quickly and have also faded. The best thing about Red Light: I just "feel" better all the time. I thank Chris and Sun-Rays for bringing this to Rockford. I've relayed the benefits to friends outside of the area and many have responded that they looked in their community and cannot find a Red Light facility." ~ Bob