Sun Rays Salon - Tanning

All tanning salons are not created equal. I can't stress that enough. Experience the Sun Rays difference and get just the color you're looking for. During your first visit, we don't simply sell you a package and move on. Instead we work with you to formulate a tanning plan that takes into account your schedule as well as your skin type and skin tone. Using that information we make recommendations and tailor a package to your needs.

Sun Rays takes appointments and will do our very best to accommodate walk-ins.

Sun Rays rewards you with free tan time for referrals with a package purchase.

Ariiz Products sold here

We offer three levels of tanning beds, each designed for various levels of tanning.

  • Level 1 - 20 Minute Maximum
  • Level 2 - 10 Minute Maximum
  • Level 3 - 15 - 20 Minute Maximum

About Bulbs

We hear a lot about when people visit other tanning salons that tanners aren't getting color, even with longer sessions. Why? The answer is typically simple. The bulbs are most likely past their prime and have not been replaced with new ones. At Sun Rays we change out our bulbs on a rotating schedule well before their allotted lifespan has been reached. You can be sure you're getting your moneys worth at Sun Rays, don't settle for less.

Tanning Pricing

Standard pricing 

25 Minutes - $10.17

50 Minutes - $19.80

75 Minutes - $28.88

100 Minutes - $37.40

150 Minutes - $54.45

200 Minutes - $70.40

250 Minutes - $85.25

300 Minutes - $99.00

350 Minutes - 111.65

400 Minutes - $123.20

450 Minutes - 128.70

500 Minutes - 132.00


Unlimited Tanning Packages

Bronze Membership

Tanning in our regular beds.

1 Month Unlimited- Contract- $29.99 plus tax

1 Month Unlimited- No Contract- $49.99 plus tax

Silver Membership

Tanning in our regular and fast beds. 

1 Month Unlimited- Contract- $49.99 plus tax

1 Month Unlimited- No Contract- $69.99 plus tax

*Excludes cyber beds, Red Light Therapy, and spray tanning.

Gold Membership

Tanning in our regular, fast, and cyber beds.  

1 Month Unlimited- Contract- $79.99 plus tax

1 Month Unlimited- No Contract- $99.99 plus tax

*Excludes Red Light Therapy, and spray tanning

Diamond Membership

Unlimited tanning in all of our beds including the cyber beds and spray tanning. 

1 Month Unlimited- Contract- $99.99 plus tax

1 Month Unlimited- No Contract- $119.99 plus tax

*Excludes Red Light Therapy

Gift Certificates

Sun Rays makes it easy to give the gift of sun.

Ariiz Products sold here

Tanning Lotions and Accessories

Sun Rays selection of lotions and accessories

Tanning lotions come in various types and most are geared for specific stages of tanning and results. Prices range based on the brand, lotion and type you choose. Sun Rays Salon sells all lotions and accessories to our clientele below suggested retail pricing. Lotions are available in both bottle size and single serving packets. You can choose from these and other top products; Hempz, Supre, Devoted Creations, Australian Gold, and more.